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# Author(s) Title
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XploRe: Learning Guide
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XploRe: Application Guide
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Applied Quantitative Finance: Theory and Computational Tools
J. Madura Financial Markets and Institutions
HSC/10 I. Mathur Personal Finance
HSC/11 E.A. Helfert Techniques of Financial Analysis
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The Econometrics of Financial Markets
HSC/16 J.H. Cochrane Asset Pricing
HSC/17 K. Dowd Measuring Market Risk
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HSC/21 P. Wilmott Paul Wilmott on Quantitative Finance, vol. 2
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HSC/27 R. Rebonato Volatility and Correlation
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Measuring Risk in Complex Stochastic Systems
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Einfuhrung in die Statistik der Finanzmarkte
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HSC/45 W. Haerdle, L. Simar Applied Multivariate Statistical Analysis
HSC/46 P. Cizek, W. Haerdle, R. Weron (eds.) Statistical Tools for Finance and Insurance

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# Author(s) Title
HSX/01 D. Lamberton, B. Lapeyre Introduction to Stochastic Calculus Applied to Finance
HSX/02 P. Bratley, B.L. Fox,
L. E. Schrage
A Guide to Simulation
HSX/03 P.J. Schonbucher The Pricing of Credit Risk and Credit Risk Derivatives
HSX/04 S.T. Rachev, J.-R. Kim
S. Mittnik
Stable Paretian Models in Econometrics
HSX/05 Chicago Board of Trade Options. Risk Managment Guide
HSX/06 Z. Bodie, A. Kane,
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HSX/07 D. Pilipovic Energy Risk. Valuing and Managing Energy Derivatives
HSX/08 D. Blake Financial Market Analysis
HSX/09 T. Oetiker,H. Partl, I. Hyna,
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The Not So Short Introduction to Latex 2e
HSX/10 S.M. Pandit, S.-M. Wu Time Series and System Analysis with Applications
HSX/11 V.M. Zolotarev One-Dimensional Stable Distributions
HSX/12 P. Jorion Value at Risk: The New Baenchmark for Controlling market Risk
HSX/13 R.B. D' Agostino,
M.A. Stephens (eds.)
Goodness-of-Fit Techniques
HSX/14 J. Beran Statistics for Long-Memory Processes