"Financial Engineering: Derivatives Pricing, Computer Simulations, Market Statistics"
A.Weron, R.Weron - WNT , Warszawa 1998

The book provides a comprehensive overview of financial markets and an up-to-date treatment of mathematical and numerical methods used in financial engineering. A rapid growth of the finacial sector in Poland and other emerging markets in East and Central Europe makes this a hot topic. The main subjects discussed in the book include: in-depth coverage of derivatives' pricing models, structures and applications of exotic instruments, and market statistics with a comprehensive survey of time series models. In addition, original software in the form of the Financial Engineering Toolbox v. 2.0 - an easy to use MATLAB toolbox - is included, so that each reader can personally experiment with a wide variety of derivatives.

"Financial Engineering" is a textbook for graduate students, researchers and practitioners from business schools, universities and financial institutions. It can be followed without introductory studies by readers with a basic knowledge of probability and stochastic processes. Because of the educational software and over 120 graphical illustrations and computer simulations the book may be followed by readers less specialized in mathematics as well. On the other hand the first four chapters of the book provide a short introductory course in finance, allowing mathematicians or physicists to understand financial markets.


1. Introduction
2. Financial markets
3. Securities
4. Basic derivatives (forwards, futures, swaps and options)
5. Financial mathematics of discrete models
6. Financial mathematics of continuous models
7. Term structure models
8. Construction and pricing of exotic derivatives
9. Market statistics
10. Alternative models
Closing remarks

A. Financial Engineering Toolbox v. 2.0
B. Financial calculus
C. Nobel Prize Winners in Economics
D. Answers to problems

Financial Engineering Toolbox v. 2.0

Compressed toolbox (for decompression use: unzip, pkzip/pkunzip, nczip, winzip). Depending on Matlab version - 4.0, 4.2 or 5.x - please download fet40.zip , fet42.zip or fet5x.zip , respectively. In order to install the toolbox please unzip the fet??.zip file into a new directory on your hard disk and add its path to Matlab's toolbox paths (e.g. MATLAB.RC file in ver. 4.x). Then simply run findemo. It has help screens in English and Polish.

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