Wojciech Okrasiński (27.03.1950 - 6.06.2020)

full title: prof. dr hab. Wojciech Okrasinski
e-mail: wojciech.okrasinski /at/ pwr.edu.pl

Author of over 60 research papers on pure and applied mathematics, mathematical modeling and computational methods in physics and chemical engineering.

A couple of my adventures with mathematical modeling in Polish - April 2017

For students

The research is inspired by problems related with applications of mathematics in science, physics and engineering. One can distinguish the following directions of studies:

  • nonlinear analytic methods related with the solvability and blow-up solutions of some nonlinear integral and differential equations
  • nonlinear diffusion equations and their applications
  • mathematical models in thermodynamics of fluids and their applications in chemical engineering
  • mathematical models in ophthalmology
  • mathematical modeling related directly with industrial problems

Other topics of interest:

  • mathematical questions in ecology, biology and medicine
  • numerical methods.

ECMI (European Consortium for Mathematics in Industry)

International Projects

Workshops and Modeling Weeks


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