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Adres: Budynek C-19, pokój A.3.19,
           ul. Hoene-Wrońskiego 13C,
           50-376 Wrocław
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Research interests 

Dynamics of piecewise-smooth and hybrid systems

1) Dynamical systems theory with an emphasis on the analysis and computations of bifurcations in non-smooth dynamical systems.

2) Engineering applications of dynamical systems. For instance, understanding the phenomena brought about by the presence of discontinuous nonlinearities in mechanical systems with dry-friction, preload, impacts, hysteresis, and saturation. Other applications of interest are power electronics and hybrid systems.

3) Robustness of discontinuity induced bifurcations and singularly perturbed piecewise-smooth systems. It is important to understand how small imperfections that are usually ignored by the modeler influence system dynamics. For instance, in the context of modelling DC/DC power converters there are small capacitances or inductances that are ignored. The question araises how and if these produce some significant effects on the system dynamics.

4) Dynamics of multiple scale systems with switchings and resets.


Biped dynamics, human balance and human locomotion

  • It has been reported that with aging the ability to maintain an upright position decreases and a rate of falling causing serious injuries and even death are quite frequent. With the aging society it is therefore important to understand and isolate the mechanisms that are critical for maintaining balance. Mathematical models of upright standing can be studied to address this question. Some of these models involve the presence of discontinuous nonlinearities and time delays.
  • Some of the reduced models of human running are based on the essential fact that human running consists of two phases, which are repeated. That is, the phase of contact with the ground (support phase) and the phase of no contact with the grund (flight phase). This situation natuarlly leads to a switched model system. One of the most elementary of such models is so-called SLIP model (Spring Loaded Inverted Pendulum model). In spite of its simplicity, the presence of switching and asymmetry captures some essential dynamics of running and the model has a rich bifurcation structure. 
  • Dynamics of piecewise-smooth systems with time delay

  • Dynamics of systems with relay feedback, hysteresis and time delay.

  • Kursy (2023/2024 - semestr letni)

    Diploma Seminar (materiały na ePortalu)

    Analiza matematyczna 2A (materiały na ePortalu)

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  • Books
  • M. di Bernardo, C. Budd, A. R. Champneys, P. Kowalczyk, Piecewise-smooth Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications (2008) (see Springer).

  • Accepted/Submitted for publication/In revision/In preparation
  • [29] M. Desroches P. Kowalczyk, and S. Rodrigues, Discontinuity induced dynamics in Conductance-Based Adaptive Exponential Integrate-and-Fire Model, submitted for publication to Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, February 2024 

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  • Journal publications

  • [25] P. Kowalczyk, Łukasz Płociniczak and Zofia WróblewskaEnergy variations and periodic solutions in a switched inverted pendulum model of human running gaits, Physica D, 2022

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  • Conference proceedings
  • P. Kowalczyk, P. Glendinning, Micro-chaos in Relay Feedback Systems with Bang-Bang Control and Digital Sampling, To appear in the  proceedings of 18th Word Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control, Milan 2011

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    J. Sieber, P. Kowalczyk: Symmetric event collisions in dynamical systems with delayed switches . To appear in a special issue of "Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series B" (Proceedings of the sixth AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Differential Equations and Applications, Poitiers 2007

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    A. Sowa and P. Kowalczyk, Test chamber characteristics – an important factor determining required RF power of amplifier in radiated immunity tests, Accepted for the Electromagnetic Compatibility Conference Wroclaw 2000, Poland

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