\( \def\RR{\bf R} \def\bold#1{\bf #1} \def\bbn{\mathbb{N}} \def\bbq{\mathbb{Q}} \def\bbr{\mathbb{R}} \def\bbz{\mathbb{Z}} \def\cp{\mathcal{P}} \def\then{\longrightarrow} \def\iff{\longleftrightarrow} \)
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Joint Meeting /17 - 20 september 2018 / Wrocław, Poland

Set Theory and Topology session

Titles and abstracts of the our session are here and for all sessions

Session schedule

Monday - 17.09 Tueasday - 18.09 Wenessday - 19.09
1430-1510 Taras Banakh
The continuity of injective Darboux functions between manifolds
Mirna Dzamonja
Weak versions of compactness and their productivity
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
Permutation groups
1515-1555 David Chodounsky
Splitting Chains
Raphael Carroy
The open graph dichotomy and the second level of the Borel hierarchy
Vincenzo Dimonte
Generalized Descriptive Set Theory under I0
1600-1630 Marek Balcerzak
Ideal convergent subseries and rearrangements of series in Banach spaces
Gianluca Paolini
On a Cardinal Invariant Related to the Haar Measure Problem
Sandra Meuller
Large Cardinals in the Stable Core
1630-1700 Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
1700-1730 Grażyna Horbaczewska
On sets which can be moved away from sets of a certain family
Gianluca Basso
A Lelek-like disconnected compact metric space
1735-1805 Viera Sottova
The role of ideals in topological selection principles
Piotr Szewczak
Products of Luzin-type sets with combinatorial properties
1810-1840 Piotr Borodulin-Nadzieja
Secret connections between Banach spaces and analytic P-ideals